Hi, I’m David Fisher. Here’s the short version of my story…

I’m 45 years old. In 2011 my weight tipped just over 17 stone (240 lbs or 110kg) and couldn’t climb the stairs without losing my breath.


One day that year, I decided that change was not only possible, but was essential if I wanted to be happier with myself, and all round healthier in body and mind. So, I began a thoroughly enjoyable and dedicated regime of eating great, healthy food and regular exercise that works for me. From the outset, it meant I enjoyed my food more and I stopped doing the things that promised relaxation and rest but delivered the exact opposite (such as playing video games into the night). I swapped the couch for a crummy old bike and set off to explore the beautiful local countryside. And I loved it.

Within a year, I’d lost six stone. And I’ve not looked back. All of this experience inspired me to set up Habits4Health, and offer what I’ve learned along the way to whoever wants to listen. img_1877

My philosophy is quite simple. We all have habits that don’t deliver the very best for us, and if we can change one habit at a time, we’ll soon be on a continual journey of improvement. We don’t – nor shouldn’t – change overnight. If we want to live consistent and sustainable happy lives, then we can. And we’ll get there, one good choice at a time.

If you’d like to read more about my Habits4Health service, and perhaps see how I can be of assistance in your journey of change, please have a click around this site. And please, do get in touch anytime.

Here’s to your health and happiness,



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