About Me

Professional Background

Helping people pursue better health and fitness has been a life’s passion. I worked as a nurse for 10 yrs in a variety of clinical settings but my speciality was caring for people at home or in the community as a district nurse. I later went on to work in the voluntary / charity sector managing projects and centres offering health promotion service, one-to-one interventions, group interventions, & residential rehabilitation.

I’ve also worked as a consultant and trainer for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and charities offering research, evaluation, management, fund-finding and capacity building services.

I’m now working with people in as a personal trainer, tutor and coach empowering people to develop and improve their physical, emotional and mental health and fitness. You can connect on Facebook.

Personal Background

I’m a married father of 5 children. An avid athlete and particularly enjoy running, cycling, and nordic walking. I eat a plant-based diet for ethical, health and environmental reasons. I like to have gadgets in my life that increase efficiency, and help me analyse performance and record achievements.

I’ve not always been in good shape and physically fit, a few years ago I was morbidly obese and lost 6 stone over a year and went from being a couch vegetable to a long distance cyclist and marathon runner, you can read about my story here. This resulted in a change of career and a passion to help people embrace a healthy lifestyle and becoming a personal trainer.

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